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Can I change the amount of vinegar when pickling foods?

Changing Recipes

When trying to vary a pickle recipe to suit your tastes, it is safe to change the amount and type of dried spices used. Do no try to change the vinegar to water ratios, however.

What results will I get by using white vinegar in my pickle recipes?

Distilled Vinegar

Use distilled white vinegar in your pickle recipes for a sharp taste.

Can I use cider vinegar in my pickled fruit recipes?

Cider Vinegar

Use apple cider vinegar in pickled fruit recipes, due to its milder flavor. It may darken lighter fruits just a bit.

Can I use white vinegar for canning?

White Vinegar

White distilled vinegar is often used for onions, eggs and beans where a clear color is desired.

Which kind of vinegar is best for pickling - cider vinegar or white vi

Vinegar For Pickling

Use either white or cider vinegar, as long as it is of 5% acidity.

Can vinegar be diluted safely?

Home Made Vinegars

Never use homemade vinegar or vinegar of unknown acidity in pickling.

How can I keep my pickles from losing their color?

Distilled Vinegar

If you use distilled white vinegar in your pickle recipes, they won't discolor.

What is apple cider made from?

Cider Vinegar

Cider vinegars are distilled from apples, and yield a mellow taste in pickles.

Can I change the amount of vinegar when pickling foods?

Diluting Vinegar

Don't dilute the vinegar unless the recipe specifies. If you'd prefer a less sour pickle, add sugar rather than dilute the vinegar.

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