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Is it safe to can without sugar?

Canning Without Sugar

Yes. Sugar is added to improve flavor, help stabilize color, and retain the shape of the fruit. It is not added as a preservative

How do I get the air bubbles out of my jars when canning?

Getting A Good Seal

Always run a heat-proof rubber spatula around the inside of your filled jar before sealing, to release any air bubbles.

Which vegetables expand during processing?

Vegetables That Expand

Corn, peas and lima beans are starchy and expand during processing. They should be packed loosely.

How can I keep fruit from browning?

Browning fruit

Citrus juice - lemon, lime or even orange juice works best to keep apples, pears, bananas, peaches and other fruits from turning brown. The acid in these juices stops the oxidation.

What is the best produce to buy?

Frozen produce

Frozen vegetables and fruits can actually be more nutritious than fresh, because they're packaged immediately after harvesting and the nutrients stay at their peak. Look for plain, 100% fruits and vegetables. Avoid anything mixed with cheese, topped with sauce, or anything with added sugar.

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