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Question 1

Rosemary has anti-bacterial properties

Rosemary does have anti-bacterial properties, and has been used widely as a tonic.

Question 2

What is rosemary used for?

Washing clothes
Herbal teas and remedies
Taking to the beach
Rosemary is widely used as an herbal tea, and for remedies, and is also used in cooking.

Question 3

Can a hair rinse be made from rosemary?

Not sure
Absolutely, rosemary has been used as a hair rinse for ages.

Question 4

Should rosemary be consumed at night time?

Not sure
Rosemary has a tendency to keep people awake, when the herb is consumed late in the evening or at night.

Question 5

Is rosemary good for herbal tea?

Not sure
Rosemary makes a wonderful tea. Most people prefer to add honey and cream. Rosemary should be used during the day time, and gives a reviving effect.

Question 6

Is rosemary good in meat recipes?

Not sure
Rosemary is wonderful used in meat recipes. The next time you make liver and onions, add in just a bit of rosemary while you are cooking it.

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